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Colaboration with the Dominican Joe Foundation and Digital Coco Studio /

As many of you know belongs to Digital Coco Studio. From now on this domain name will be redirected -through the picture on the home- to the Dominican Joe Foundation. I am so happy I can announce  it on the first post launching this new website. Originally Las Terrenas was a little Pueblo de los Pescadores, so now this .com will serve some underprivileged children in the area. Please help us spread the word so more and more children can access more quality education so their future is brighter and so ours. The moment is Now!! There is a party/event next April 25th at the Restaurant Mi Corazon. Please BUY your tickets here to collaborate with the foundation.

Dominican Joe Foundation

We are a non-profit organization deeply committed to serving children.

The Dominican Joe Foundation is built on the premise that every child deserves a chance, and this chance starts with education.


The Dominican Joe Foundation is dedicated to supplementing literacy and education programs for underprivileged children throughout the Dominican Republic. Our immediate goal is to enroll 50 children this year in private elementary schools, which we can accomplish by sponsoring each child for only $30 dollars per month. In our experience, private schools in the Dominican Republic offer a superior quality of teacher and a more structured curriculum. Both of these qualities will improve the future educational and economical prospects of our students.